Create record no ID

I have made a new on-device storage with one property. The default ID is there. When I try to create a new record the ID is not shown. I double checked it with the powerup video ( No-code Power-up: Offline Storage /w AppGyver - YouTube) and there the ID is shown.

Hi, the record id will be auto-generated. If you need to pick up the id for later use, you can use the output of the “Create record” node to do that.

Thanks, but I want to specify the ID myself just like: My app is not saving changed data - #2 by Marty_Flickinger

Hi, that’s unfortunately no longer doable with the on-device storage. If you have a record that you want to save with a specific id you can use the “Set item to storage” and “Get item from storage” flow functions instead.

I will dive into that. Did not know this function was removed.