Create record no ID

I have made a new on-device storage with one property. The default ID is there. When I try to create a new record the ID is not shown. I double checked it with the powerup video ( No-code Power-up: Offline Storage /w AppGyver - YouTube) and there the ID is shown.

Hi, the record id will be auto-generated. If you need to pick up the id for later use, you can use the output of the “Create record” node to do that.

Thanks, but I want to specify the ID myself just like: My app is not saving changed data - #2 by Marty_Flickinger

Hi, that’s unfortunately no longer doable with the on-device storage. If you have a record that you want to save with a specific id you can use the “Set item to storage” and “Get item from storage” flow functions instead.

I will dive into that. Did not know this function was removed.

I have just lost hours trying to understand why I could not retreive a record on local storage after following the video tutorial… just to understand hours later that it was because the video was out of date because ID is not configurable anymore.

Please spare your time, use the “set item to storage” and “get item from storage” flow functions. You can also use those functions to pass the ID of the record to a app variable on the global canvas to the “Get record” flow function.

Why changing the ID config when it was obviously more convenient before?
And why keep online a video that is highly misleading…

When you are a no coder it is already confusing to have a data source name, a propriety name (that is not the ID), then a record with a generated ID that you can not even see…

I already lost countless hours of work because of composer bad performance… now I have to lose hours because of bad documentation and changes made to things that were already working fine.