Create record not working

I have a Airtable base with a few text and number fields. In Appgyver I am able to get the Get Collection to report back and have created a page that will show me all the records and even filter them.

I have set up the Create Record and built the scheme out, here lies the problem. In the Test tab, I can go in Custom object and fill in data and test the connection and it creates the record in Airtable. On another page I created the text inputs and have the value set to the correct type. In my submit button logic I have the Create Record and it is Record Properties and binded to the Value in the user inputs above it. From there it has an alert to say completed or not and if not to throw the error message up on screen. In App Preview or in the Appgyver app, I fill in the fields, nothing set to required. when I click on Submit, nothing happens no error message, no completed message and nothing in my Airtable base.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I figured this out. didn’t have page variables for the fields.

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