Create Record (Post)


I am missing something simple here…trying to send a new record to Backendless. I have the API configuration working but per the below, I am confused as to what I am supposed to do with ‘record properties’. I assume configuring that will pull through to the ‘Create Record Logic’ also shown below, and create the fields where I can bind values…but I am lost as to how to do this…

I have seen on a few topics the use of a formula to populate the record, but that is not working either…I suspect I am touching on two distinct ways to do the same thing? Any help appreciated.

Note I am currently not trying to upload all fields…just a few to test this.
Also, not sure about id field…AppGyver seems to have added that to my schema which has caused it to populate in Backendless…minor point but also confusing…

Update! I have got the ‘Create Record Logic’ to pull through simply by also configuring the Get Collection (GET) API…which makes sense in hindsight…
If you could explain the significance of ‘id’ that would be great…


So you got everything working that you wanted to? Great!

So every record needs a unique id for identification in the backend. Composer usually adds an id property as a default in the configuration of data schemas. I’m not sure if Backendless automatically generates an id for every Create Record (POST) request, in that case you can delete it from the record properties. If it’s not automatically created, then you should include it in your record properties, and use for example the formula function GENERATE_UUID to generate a random id.

Thanks Cecilia, that GENERATE_UUID tip saved me a lot of time…not really fussed about the field but that populates it nicely!

I have a follow up question. I now have my Create Record (POST) working great and I see the record creating in Backendless as expected. What I now do not know how to do is confirm the creation in the app. I suspect I need to populate the ‘response key path’ and I have populated this with one of fields in the table I am posting to. I suspect now I need to create a function where I check the response key (for example, IS_NOT_BLANK) and link that to an alert that says something like ‘record created’ .I need some help. Basically, once the user hits my Save button and the record is created, I would like a message confirming the record has been created, and then I will either disable the button or change it to close the page.

Can you help?

In Create record node, you can see two output nodes on the left side of the node. The first one (the upper one) is triggered when the creation is successful, and the second one (lower one) triggers if the creation failed. This are described in more detail in the Properites side panel Outputs. So after the first output you can add an alert flow function for example and a navigate back / open page flow function. That way when the record is created, the user gets an alert like “Creation succeeded!” and then gets navigated away from the page (or whatever you want to happen after the creation).

Thanks Cecilia, You are quick, I was editing my question when you responded.

So, actually, I don’t need to populate the ‘Response key path’ at all?

:grin: didn’t mean to interrupt you!

Well not really, if you don’t plan on doing anything with the POST response from Backendless :slight_smile: or this is my guess, I haven’t used Backendless that much. Let me know if you run into issues!

I thought I needed to populate it so Composer Pro knew there was a response and the post had succeeded, but Appgyver is clearly smarter than I thought! Thanks again