Create Record sending empty message to OData Connection

I have a Create Record Node to create a record to a data resource which is a OData connection. When I test the create from the Data connection configurations by manually putting the test values the record gets created ok. But when I test it from the app, the creation happens, but the message sent to the is empty. I can see it from my backend where I have the Odata endpoint. So the message comes in but the body is empty.

I have mapped the fields in the Create Record component to the data resources.

Any idea what could be the issue?

Hi! Can you show how the Create Record flow function is configured? Have you checked for example in web from the browser’s network tab what kind of request is sent?

Hey Mevi!

Here’s the screenshots. I’m just testing with one field now (Name: test).

The browsers network log shows the request payload empty. Same if I look from the Odata endpoint log in my backend.

Näyttökuva 2022-4-27 kello 10.20.26

If I test the OData endpoint directly it works:

So probably there is some issue in the configuration of the Create Record node that the value inputted is not going to the OData Connector. Just cant seem to find it :slight_smile:

Hey @Mevi! Do you have any advice on this?

Hmm :thinking: I can’t say for sure but this sounds like a bug on our side, so it’d need more investigation. Would it be possible for you to give me access to your app? I’d need your app id, if you have auth then login credentials, and steps to find the point in the app where the logic is failing. You can send these to me in a private message if you prefer, but I can also try to check this issue on a general level if you prefer.

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this – I looked at your app at the point you indicated and it does not look like you’re passing any of the values into the create record flow function:

You can configure these here

Please check which fields need to be filled out for the create record call to be successful, and that the information is passed in the correct format.


I have tryed adding more values there, currently there is only value “test” on the name field.

But even this data is not passed on to the Odata endpoint. The record creation with just the name field is possible and it works if I try it directly from the Odata connection testing as shown on the screenshots.

So the issue that somehow the value from the create record function is not getting passed on to the odata endpoint.

Any update on this?
I don’t see what “Additional Inputs” do at all.