Create Record with subtracted data

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I am stuck with a problem. I use the firebase connector, wich works great. Now, I want to create a new record in my database. This also works well, but I am not able to create a new record with data from a sutraction function like this:

The two page variables ChemWeight and ChemWeightNew are defined. I can display these two variables in a paragraph without a problem. But the created record only shows “null” in the “Menge” entry. What am I missing? If I use the same function with fixed values (e.g. 10 and 5), the correct value is stored.

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Okay, just after posting my question, I found a solution. You have to use the function NUMBER() to convert the data to a number. Both my paga variables are numbers, but maybe the type is changed when assigning the value of an imput field to a page variable with the typ number.

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