Create Record works in SAP but fails in Build on Android

Create Record using REST API (XANO) does not work in the built version of the app, but works correctly in SAP. No errors are produced, and none of the associated logic has changed since the previous version.
Using runtime 4.3.6 but it also fails using earlier runtime versions. I have checked the API history in XANO and no API request is received so it appears to be failing within the app. Output 2 is produced from the logic flow.

Is this a know issue or has anyone else experienced it?

This is a live app so is causing some problems.

The Create Record logic flow is made in the Global Canvas to create a new user record and receive the id via API. App id is 174543

Any help appreciated!

I have the exact problem and I also use XANO as my backend. Did you find the solution?

And they’ve already rehearsed with So far it works very well for me.

Hello, do you mean that you had this problem and it was fixed? I tried it today with my built app and it still didn’t work. Did you have to do something ?

@Mevi, Is this a bug with AppGyver? It occurs on iOS and android, except on iOS it gives an error without making any API call whereas on android it just crashes.

Yes. There were components and logic flows that needed updating. I updated them and it all worked again.
You can see the updates by the circle with a number in it. Click on it and do what it says

This was my reply to you on Sunday - you must have missed it

I did miss it, thank you so much for the response, I’ll try this

This worked, thank you so much.