Create shopping cart where you can add / delete items


I want to build a app where you have a list of items, just like a food menu. You should be able to add things to your “shopping cart” through that list.
The added items should be shown in the shopping card page. From there I want to be able to add more of the same items already shown, or delete the item of the shopping cart.

Just like a normal cart of a shop app or food delivery app.

I have tried with lists but I do not quiet get it to work.

Hi @Timo_Schmaranzer

From where you get the item to the cart… from a data source outside? For sure its a repeated item list from any data resources.

You can use a outside data source or device storage to store your cart items. Use pageParams to bring the items to the cart page along with the details you wish. Once the item showed up in your page you can use delete record flow function bound to cart resources to delete the particular item from the cart using ID of the item.

Hope this is enough to figure out your issue. Thanks

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