Creating a Medical content app

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I’m planning on building an app directed at medical students where they can access various types of subjects divided by specialty. There’s only a “little” detail, I have zero experience on developing an app hahaha.
I’ve started on the visual part, and it has going pretty well so far but I have a question about how to store the data in the most efficient way possible.

Let me explain how I would like it to function:
1- Home Page → various icons of the specialties (preferably the ones that the user adds as his favorites, but that is a question for another time)

2- Specialty Page → a page that would be almost the exact for any specialty (but I would like to add the icon of the specialty on my custom nav bar)
my question here is whether I should make a single page for each specialty (which would be a lot) or if there is a way of making the icon appear depending on which specialty the user chose before

3- Specialty Page → still in this page, the user would have various buttons going to different pages (which I will call topics): one for a Physical Examination page, a Medications page, a Calculator page, a Diseases page, and an Exams page. Then by clicking on any of this buttons the user gets redirected to the topic he wants, but this time the page (for example diseases page) should have the content of the specialty he chose in the home page (although the layout could be the same for all specialties).
my question here is almost the same of the above, should I create a new page for each one of the topics or is there a way of retrieving data from somewhere depending on the specialty chosen

So, as you probably already noticed I have no idea how to start. I imagine that creating a new page for each topic is going to make the app very heavy (performance-wise) but I have no clue on how to start.

I know its a long question, thank you very much if you read all of it, I would appreciated it very much any advice you can give me.

It sounds like you have a limited number of screens, but lots of content - meaning, the way the user interacts with the content is consistent and repeats again and again while displaying different content from each area in turn.

The first step, in my opinion, is to centralize and structure your content in a database, and then build an app that reads from that database to allow the students to navigate the content in the database.

There are several posts here about how to interact with AirTable(.com) and it is probably a good starting point for organizing your content in a structured manner. AppGyver can then read from that database and use that to populate drop-downs, icons, text, etc allowing students to navigate the content.

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Thank you very much for answering so quickly Chris, I will certainly study what you mentioned.
Had no ideia about AirTable so that was very helpful. :smiley: