Creating a table

I am new to AppGyver and I am trying to add a table to one of my pages. I have added the rows, but I can’t see them when I preview the page. So my question is:

How do I add borders to the rows to make them viewable
How do I populate the table with data. I am inputting a person’s name on a different page (that works fine). but I want the entered name to appear in the table.
How do I make the table scrollable after 10 entries.


Have you gone through the starter tutorial that deals with lists and detail pages?

I couldn’t find it. Can you send me links to where I should look?

I found that going through all the tutorials gave me a good enough grounding to get started.

Thanks for the info. When I followed the video, I keep getting the data variable in ‘incompatible’. Any ideas to what I am doing wrong?

Have you setup a schema for the data resource?

For some reason, its not saving the Add new property name I entered. When
I save, it keeps clearing out the name

After you enter each one click the +, then save.

Things like this are common in AppGyver - click every button you can find, experiment. You need to work hard to find the way forward some times.