Creating a Web App - 4 big problems - show stoppers

Problem 1
I have successfully built a web app, except when I run it, (with whenever I attempt to save a record I get…

The data configurator uses AppGyver’s hobby database.
NOTE - The app runs perfectly on my android fone (in AppGyver’s test environment) and in web app preview

Problem 2

I recreated the Web App, this time using Backendless tables in the data configurator. This web app built faultlessly, and ran faultlessly (as including getting over the permission problem experienced by the first version.

However, when I download the web app and run it in my laptop’s IIS, or upload it to a free webhosting site, the web apps will start but none of the buttons work, in either version. There is no navigation.


I made some more changes to the Backendless version.
i) I changed some text in the heading (so taht I could recognise a new version)
ii) I added an alert at the first screen to automatically show on startup, to check if it is the flow components or the navigation that is not working.

The results are in.
i) After building this new version (with a new version number), and running, the old version was incorrectly displayed. I have seen this mentioned other forum posts.

Problem 4

ii) After downloading and running the web app in my IIS, the new version was started but the Alert was not shown. This proves that the Flow Components do not work in a downloaded Web App. Big Problem.


Is there a switch I should have set, that I have not spotted. The bundle step in the build procedure always says it is automatic, but the symptoms I am experiencing seem to suggest that the bundling is not being done.

Any suggestions


I looked into this and seems that your app is experiencing an issue we are looking to fix ASAP – hopefully by tomorrow the latest. After the fix is out, rebuilding your app should fix the issue(s).

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Hi! This was apparently fixed just now, so if you rebuild your app now, it should work!

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Hi Mevi

I have just re-built the webapps, being careful to make sure all the components were updated (now that’s a smooth process), and I generated the web app using version 2.4.35.

Unfortunately the results are the same. If you wish to pursue this further, and I really hope you do, LearnAppGyverCrud’s appid=191162 (uses appgyver database but has permission problems when running the webapp with learnappgyvercrud.appgyverapp,com). LearnCrud’s appid = 185324, (this uses backendless database , does nit have permission problems but when downloaded and run in my IIS, the flow components do not work).
Please help.

Hi, this looks quite complicated, but I’ll take a look. It’ll be next week before I’ll be able to do so, but just to let you know I’ll get back to you!

Hi! Either the id you gave me is wrong or the app is empty :thinking: Please give me the url to the AppGyver database using app (like