Creating an overlay widget

Hey folks and the mighty no-code hive mind - I am new here and generally newish to the no code movement. I can code but I was considering appgyver as a productivity tool. Just wanted to confirm if appgyver generates a typical react build package (e.g. a minified js file) - that can then be referenced on an external site?

More specifically - my requirements are to create a “chatbot” like widget (a mini ui overlay) that will be displayed as a button on the bottom of a website. Once clicked - we need a mini ui to popup to capture some user details which is then submitted onto a backend (which will be a couple of REST APIs). The key is this widget will be hosted on an external site (different domain) to the website the widget will be displayed in and my preference is the consuming website will just integrate my widget with just a one line copy of paste (e.g. .

Is Appgyver suited to such requirements?

This is not something we’ve toyed with much, so it’s uncharted territory – what you can do is look at the ZIP file created by the Build Service and see if that could be modified for your requirements. The default structure produces a single index.html entrypoint instead of a React component, so you’ll need to do some hacking, but I think it could be done, at least with an iFrame if nothing else…