Creating Audio Player

Hi Everyone,

Here is a video tutorial for creating an audio player. Feedbacks welcome. I am thinking of developing short tutorials for appgyver in the future. I would like to take up topics based on the various roadblocks I myself faced as a newbie.

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Nice tutorial, thanks for this. Is it possible to create one with recording audio feature (like whatsapp)?

Thanks for the helpful tutorial here!

Two issues that I ran into:

  1. My slider function wasn’t working very well after finishing with your tutorial. But I found added parts to the logic that were missing from your tutorial in this other thread. And after applying these it seems to work better, although the slider response isn’t always perfect (it’s sometimes slow). See complete slider logic below:

  1. The final part of the play/pause button logic that changed the pause icon back to a play icon when playback had stopped was messing up the whole play/pause button. Basically when an audio was playing a pause icon would be visible for ≤ 1 second and then a play icon would replace the pause icon. So, I just disconnected this logic at the end (see screenshot) and it seems to work fine, although now I still see a pause symbol when the audio has stopped:

If anybody knows how to fix this issue, please let me know. Also, I’d like the slider and the “current_time” to return to 0:00 once the audio stops. It would also be cool to make a “loop/repeat” button so that when the audio finishes it starts playing again automatically, but I’m not sure how to do this. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for an awesome tutorial that definitely saved me many hours.