Creating logos and splash screens

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to make a logo and splash screen for my app.
Intuituvely, i chose canva and put together a good looking logo. But, since Appgyver requires it in different dimensions, it just made sense for me to just edit the dimensions and exporting the images (while using the same design for all images)

But, this obviously proved to be fatal. The quality of those images took a drastic hit. Any solutions

The quality of the icons will invariably be affected. The smaller the icon the bigger the impact on quality.

Don’t worry with the icon being displayed in the build configuration page, because they show the icons all in the same size. For the apps they will be displayed in their particular size.

Try this link and compare the quality:

As long as you are maintaining the aspect ratio you shouldn’t see a serious degradation in quality when you are reducing the image size, only when you zoom or make it bigger. To this point, try to resize in Canva and get the correct aspect ratio so scaling down isnt a problem.

For me personally I start with the canvas that is the size for the highest dimension, then i resize downwards (start at 512x512) then drop sizes from there). It’s a bit trickier with splash greens depending on their size, as icons are easier to work with (for me).