Creating new pages connected to Dropdown List

Hello. I’m new to creating an App but have had AppGyver for some years. I’m making an App for my Friend’s Business and hit a snafu. I made a page with a Dropdown Menu for the different services she provides, but it will only show the 1st item on the list, nothing more. I attempted to try and connect the Button node to the other page, but to no avail. I’m curious as to what I’m doing wrong here: do I have to make another Button, or use another option besides a Dropdown List? I figured this would be much easier instead of multiple pages and buttons. Any help would be appreciated, and I know I’ll have more questions to ask here (payment options, ect.

I should add that I was going to use Paragraphs at first, but opted for the List option instead along with a Checkbox for each item to be selected for the services, since that was much, much easier.

Ok, so I attempted to follow the steps featured in the Page Parameters Video Tutorial, but I’m still unable to transfer to the next page, it’s still stuck on the 1st item on the Dropdown List. Could anybody help me out here?

There’s a bug that causes new pages not being able to be navigated to. This is fixed by hard reloading the preview app. Maybe that helps?

**I’ve been hard reloading the Phone App every time to renew it. Are you talking about my Phone or the Software in the Browser?

Another weird thing is another page from the Dropdown List is showing, and I haven’t even gotten close to selecting that yet, it’s closer to the bottom of the list. This might have something to do with the glitch you’re talking about, which I hope gets resolved. I know I’m trying everything that I think could work, but nothing’s working.

I think I’m going to upload the screenshots off my Phone to show you what I’m talking about. Hold on.**

As you can see by the 1st screenshot from my Phone, the Dropdown List shows the 1st option, which is Featured. The 2nd screenshot shows the list, and you can see the last option is also showing on the bottom of the App, which is visible on the other 3 screenshots. The only option I can select is Featured. For some weird reason, the last option on the list popped up out of nowhere with that question mark next to it. This is definitely strange, but, as you pointed out, it might be a bug that’s causing these issues. Will this bug be resolved, or is there a workaround this dilemma?

No this shouldn’t have anything to do with the bug I was describing. This is something I’ve seen happening when trying to navigate to a page that is undefined. Can I see how you’ve setup your navigation in the composer?

**Sure, I’ll show you a few pages.

What happened to your earlier post, wasn’t the correct solution?**

Yeah I withdraw it when I saw your images as it didn’t answer your issues at all and you already had figured all that out.

**Jeez, I had issues last Night…

1st, I couldn’t take a screenshot on my Laptop via the Keyboard. I employed different techniques that didn’t work, and when 1 did, I couldn’t remember the Keyboard combo, so I had to dl some software to do the work for me (the Keyboard method only captured half the screen).

Then, after getting a screenshot, my Internet connection dropped.

After that, I decided to just call it a night. It was getting late. So sorry for the late response.

Here are a few screenshots of the pages that are showing on the App.**

I’m still unsuccessful in figuring out why my App won’t switch to multiple pages after the Dropdown List.

I’m also trying to figure out how to add Payment options to it along with a Calendar for Appointment scheduling. From my research, I saw that WebView will take care of the Calendar thing for me, and something like Stripe will handle the Payment options. Are there Tutorials on these, or is anyone able to assist me on this?

Ok, I see a Tutorial for adding a flow function via Marketplace, so I hope this helps me out in regards to the Calendar, but what about Stripe? I want to get this complete pretty soon, since I’m on a deadline to have it completed by the end of the Month.

Ok, so for some reason, the last item on the list popped up on the App without me choosing it. I discovered it in the Navigation tab, and I’m not sure how it got there. When I went there to figure that out, I ended up clicking the add item button to see if the other pages will appear. The only one that did was for scheduling Date and Time, which I added an icon to. The weird thing is that the other page disappeared. Not sure what’s going on here.

I still need some assistance with getting the other pages on the Dropdown List to appear on the app.

I tried to connect some pages to the 1st page, which is Featured. The other pages are for the Total and Date and Time. I’m still not able to pull those pages up, it keeps relooping to the 1st page, which is the Address and Book Now button. I really need some help to figure out what is going on here.

Your dropdown options have no values.
The label is a visual user friendly string thats seen in the dropdown. The value is the actual value that is going to get propagated from the selection action. So when the options have no values they are not actually changing anything.

Payment options are something we’ve been working on but they’re not there yet to be released.

Yeah, I see that Stripe is used on the backend for implementing payment options, so I’ll probably just add that later when I figure out how that works. I’ve seen the Website, so I’ll try to figure out how which payment option to choose and how to add it, but for now, it’ll be just for setting Appts. For that, I’ll have to use WebView to install a Calendar for Date and Time, correct?

Ok, so I tried to add value to the Dropdown List as you mentioned, but I’m getting confused. I’ve looked at the Variables Tutorials again to get refreshed (mainly the Page Parameters, even though I saw the other ones as well), and I looked in the forum here for other question related to mines, and saw these 2:

Populate Dropdown field

How to Fetch data from data resource using dropdown list?

but, I’m more confused than before. I’ve tried to follow some of these steps, but no results and no idea what type of value to add. Could you provide me an example? I’m afraid if I keep going, I’m going to mess this up, I’ve already made 1 too many mistakes that I had to correct and keep ending up right back where I was before.

You can use any value you want and then use that value to choose which page you would want to open.

and then on my page layout im listening to the chosenPage changing and doing an action depending on it. e.g. IS_EQUAL(appVars.chosenPage, "page1")

Ok, so I completed the 1st step, but now I can’t remember how I got there. Terrible.

The 2nd step is where I’m lost, again. I thought I would drag the “Set App Variable” icon from the logic menu to the right, but the node looks nothing like your screenshot. I also tried to look at one of the Video tutorials, but to no avail. You mentioned the Page Layout and I see it in the screenshot, but I’m not sure how you changed the app variable into an event (I also tried to search for app variables in the Forum, but didn’t find anything that would help). All of this is kinda frustrating because I’m feeling stupid, as if I’m missing something or not doing something right. I’m not sure how to perform an action using your example. I attempted to, but came up with error messages, so I removed it and just stopped. Now I’m making myself dizzy trying to remember how I got to the list of values in the 1st place along with how in the world you were able to create an event and connect these nodes. I wish I was able to figure this out on my own instead of constantly asking questions to something that seems so easy.

Don’t sweat it. There’s a lot of hard concepts to grasp and a complex tool to learn here.
this is how you add an event on app variable change.

(note that there’s a bug that you might need to choose the binding twice until it takes effect. Thought we fixed this one already :roll_eyes:)

Ok, so as you can see, I was able to follow your instruction and was successful for the most part. I managed to cre8 a chosenPage action, along with the page variable of at least all of the pages on the dropdown menu. You can see from the screenshot example how I did it. You can also notice from the last screenshot that when I saved the changes that what was originally next to the checkbox–the type of service–is now not there, which is fine, seeing how redundant it was. My problem now is that the Featured page is only pulling up, nothing else. I have managed to allow the Dropdown List to select the other pages, which is an improvement, they just wont populate, except for the Featured page, so I’m still missing a step here. I also followed the Video Tut on Page Parameters, thinking it might help, but it didn’t. What is it that I’m doing wrong?