Creating new pages connected to Dropdown List

Your select button is still hardcoded to open the Featured page

I know. That’s been a problem for me to have it select multiple choices on the Dropdown List. How can I program it to select any one of the options on the list? I’ve been attempting to fix this issue, but have had no solutions, and, as you can tell, I’ve been searching on the forum and the Video Tutorials for a solution.

I’m still having issues with combining multiple pages to the dropdown list. Anybody have any suggestions or solutions?

Hi, @boot-cheese-3000 are you still having these problems? Sorry for taking so long to answer.

Yes, unfortunately. I had to basically stop for a bit since I was getting frustrated with it. I saw that someone uploaded some new Video Tutorials on YouTube, but I haven’t gotten around to peeping them, so I’m not sure if there’s a solution there. If you have one, you can tell me what it may be to help me out and make this quicker for me. I’m beginning to grow hopeless about whether I can complete this or not.

Okay, so is the issue that your app doesn’t open a new page when user selects an option from Dropdown on Select services page?

If so, there’s a few issues there.

  • You have bound the Selected value of the Dropdown to a App variable that doesn’t exist via Formula -> Bind directly to an App variable (chosenPage), don’t use Formula here
  • After chosenPage did change event you test with a Formula if chosenPage is empty and then continue your logic, but you’d want to continue your logic if it was not empty
  • In the next Formula you test if the chosenPage is equal with “page 1”, but that’s not one of your Dropdown values

I think a good place to continue would be to fix these and then test the app again.

But before that if you haven’t checked our new tutorials, I’d suggest you to do that. You can find tutorials and more info here: Especially I’d suggest you to check out our AppGyver Academy: