Creating Premium Mobile Real Estate Template

It was a bit hard to find the best section, so I am making a suggestion to build a complete Template for the real estate market.

  1. There is nothing built for AppGyver(I have not found)
  2. Other no code platform may have a real estate template
  3. Having this in AppGyver can attract many more to join AppGyver

I am looking to build a 30-40 Pages Real Estate Solution in AppGyver that include all pages that should be there, from Splash, Home, About, Settings, Profile, property list, favorites, property details, Chat etc. these were just what comes to my mind.

As a backend, I am thinking of Strapi and using Rest API as connector.

My question is :

  1. Anybody interested in the project
  2. Anybody interested in the final project(template)

Happy Weekend to everybody
Tom in Thailand

Yup, interested. I have already started, but for a different market segment.

Hi @Tom_Kure , I’m already interested as well.

I already have some screen designed and right now I’m working on the backend in python.

Great. I also have frame screens up, was thinking to create it completely with appgyvr. Interested to see python run. Are you guys doing for the forum as template or client?

I am down for building the template.

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Keep it down to two or three pages, though.

Hi Daniel, maybe I do 2 versions, 3 pages for a simple version sounds fine

Kind Regards

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Hi, I want to do this because there is a need, some premium platforms offer RE templates, but also cost $100 per month.

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Great, keep us posted on your process

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I am looking forward to create a similar app and get it LIVE in Apple and Google store. Ping me if anyone is interested. Need buddies to make it happen. :smile: