Creating Time start and Time end

I’ve been making a time start and Time end with the selection field
so ive been wondering what formula to use If i select in time start “2pm” then the time end will show 3pm to 12am

i have already set an appVars that contains the time. TIA

You are using dropdowns so I assume you have a list variable assigned to each component. Something like start_list = [{“index”: 0, “time”: “00:00”}, {“index”: 1, “time”: “01:00”}, … ]

If a user selects “01:00”, save index of that value and you can refresh end_list variable limiting the list values based on index from selected item in start_list with SELECT. Something like SELECT(end_list, item.index > start_list_selected_value_index)

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Thanks! anyway i have already solved my issue