Creating totals: adding up numeric values from an on-device data resource


So I’m pretty new to AppGyver, and VERY inexperienced when it comes to code and formulas.

I’m trying to build a timecard app, and I need to add up the numerical data in a data resource (on-device data) to create a total for a day’s/week’s/month’s hours.

(E.G. If I have 4 and 5 hours for Monday in one data resource, I need to be able to show a 9 hours total. If I have 9 hours Monday and 8 hours Tuesday each in their own data resource, then for the week I need to show 17 hours.)

I’m guessing there’s a pretty straight forward way of doing this with a formula…maybe with “SUM” function? But I can’t seem to figure it out (face palm). A little guidance would be amazing!


  • Andy

Work through all of the documentation and tutorials, especially on variables and formulas.

Then add screen shots showing what you have done.