Creation of warehouse application - Looking for an Experienced Appgyver Builder to quote us to help complete our App build

I’ve prepared some custom layout designs and need to add some logic to them. It is a very simple application for inventory, receipt and issue of goods.

Receipt of goods: the goods are received into the warehouse by pressing the warehouse receipt button and then a form will be opened where the following data about the goods are filled in. Product name, Product type, quantity, price, warehouse number, and position in the warehouse. The data is saved by pressing the save button and then the given goods are displayed in the given warehouse (individual warehouses are displayed in the navigation).

Issue of goods: the goods are issued from the warehouse by clicking on the button issue goods and then a form is displayed where the goods can be issued in two ways. The first way is to search for it based on the name or type of goods, where after finding the goods, the warehouse card of this goods will be displayed and the goods will be issued by pressing the issue goods button. The second way is to manually find the goods according to the warehouse in which they are stored, by selecting the warehouse, the goods that are located in the given warehouse will be displayed. After that, the specific goods are selected and issued from the warehouse by pressing the goods issue button.

Changing the position of the goods in the warehouse: by finding the goods, the warehouse card of the goods opens and there I can easily change the warehouse and the position in the given warehouse

Summary of items for individual warehouses: If I select a warehouse in the navigation menu, it will show me the items in stock and the total number of items in stock and the total price of the items in stock.

Sum of items for all warehouses: If I select the item “warehouse value” in the navigation menu, the number of all items and the value of all items in all warehouses will be displayed.

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