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Here´s a link to a blog @Esmee_Xavier has done on Adventure Hunt.


@Phil_Evans good luck! It seems like a nice and fun activity.
Maybe I would have try it, if I knew it - last year I was spending march and april on Tenerife working remotely :slight_smile:
This winter I’ve been on 1-week vacations in Lanzarote - you can expand your app to other islands ^^
If you need some marketing ideas - dm me

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Yes, the plan to to expand to many places once we settle on cost effect marketing. We will be live in Albufeira in Portugal soon too, so 3 locations.

I will send you a message. I´m open to any marketing ideas that have a good return. Ideally I want to focus on a percentage share of sales rather than spending loads google or FB ads and then hoping for a good return. I will still try them, but with very limited and targeted campaigns.

For location based products it good to think where customers can find you, especially in case of activities like in your app. Your customers needs to be phisicaly there in Tenerife already, and you need to focus on new comers - as locals most probably won’t use it.

Other thing, for location based especially in such turistic place, it might be a very good idea to contact with local influencers eg. through Instagram, they already have a user base, interested in their content (probably location) and they are providing content for people coming to that place.

Before my trip I was watching Instagram and YT to get the idea of the place and activities, also airbnb expieriences might be a good idea (I was using it as customer, not a provided of expierience)

Hi Lukasz,

Thanks for the thoughts. They are pretty much in line with what I´m doing already. Because its quite cheap very few companies want to be involved in selling it, as even at say 40% profit share which is normal for them, it is only €8, which doesn´t justify the sales time. Better for them to sell jet skis or boat trips where they can make €50 minimum per sale and often a lot more.

Air BnB experiences I am waiting to hear back from, but they probably won´t accept it as they require someone to be physically meeting all customers which is not the plan for me. It’s on Trip Advisor, and will soon be on Get your guide plus a few others.

If I can find a suitably aligned influencer then I will speak to them, but their audience needs to be potential customers. If you know of anyone let me know.

Thanks again, I think the marketing will be the hardest part of the business to solve :blush:

Cheers, Phil


Awesome, It looks like you got it covered and need other out of the box ideas :smiley:
Wish you all the best!

If you want I can contact you with:

Those are best places for info, for people from Poland going to Tenerifa