Critical error ocured


There’s an occasional behaviour of AppGyver preview app on android (and I am testing on two different androids and sometimes it comes on one device only, but the other runs well)

Error report consists of lines with … facebook.react …

Could you tell please if this is a bug or I have done something wrong in my app? And it seems to be ok on iOS preview app

app id 232752

I’m also getting the same error here after having updated to the latest runtime. I had a modal being shown with an animation after tapping a button just fine, but now it displays this error immediately.

It seems like removing the animations solves the problem. However I have other components being animated in a similar way and it didn’t cause the app to crash. Also it’s not ideal to have to remove the animations.

@Juan_Giraldo do you know if these errors emerge in builds, not preview apps?

I’ve only noticed them in the Preview app, is this a bug @Mari?

Hi, same here, I have crashes with animations both on Android and iOS, with preview app 2.8.28 and build 2.8.30.

Here a screenshot.

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I’ve never seen an error like this before (I assume the app was just crashing and they just implemented this screen to make it easier to understand what leads to a crash). However, the strange thing is that it doesn’t always happen, some animations work just fine (same animation, different screen or component), and sometimes the animation works well a couple of times before it leads to this screen of death. Also relaunching or quitting make no difference, the app just crashes anyway.

I disabled some logic - you can view it here - and everything now works fine on android which was showing error before.

It would be fine to know what was the real reason that caused these errors

I have received this multiple times now,

Suggested fixes are

  1. check all names, make sure you reset each hide or show component with the correct component.
  2. put a delay on load or focus and test again
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Could it be that this error is caused by the animation component? because from what I’m getting here is that only screens which has the animation component are affected which is what I’m experiencing too on android.