Critical Error too long

Any tips how to solve this

Hi, the error is “Trying to draw too large bitmap”. Is this happening in the preview or built app?

If it’s in a built app, this Stack Overflow thread suggests that it might be related to your splash screen file being too large:

I my case, moving the (hi-res) splash bitmap from drawable to drawable-xxhdpi was the solution. I had the same problem. I didn’t suspect my splash screen to be the problem, since it is displayed when the app is started, but it turned out the splash screen is the problem. The splash screen in my case has xxhdpi resolution, and it was mistakenly placed in the drawable folder, instead of drawable-xxhdpi. This made Android assume the splash screen had mdpi resolution and scale the image to 3*3 times it’s required size and trying to create a bitmap.

It appears when i use preview app.

I just deleted the affected page and built again from scratch. Now the error is gone. Thank you

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