In the CREATE RECORD, GET RECORD, DELETE, UPDATE functions the ID of the document is used within the collection to access the data.

In Firestore (Firebase) this ID is automatic (something like QqLsrCD2pSmMAOVXmiNh) or it can be CUSTOMIZED.

The problem is that using the functions in Appgyver it is only created automatically. It is much easier to use firestore knowing the name of the document to create or connect data.

CREATE RECORD (with Firebase DATA) creates an automatic ID with the fields passed in “Record” example {id: 123, name: “Jhon”, code: “ERFD”}
It would be important that CREATE RECORD can be assigned the ID of the document in a custom way.

In addition, the data can also be scaled as a path in the following way:
Collection-> document → [fields & data]
or subcollections
Collection-> document-> Collection-> document → [fields & data]

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