Crypto/Web3 App on AppGyver

What up awesome AppGyver peeps! :rocket:

I am looking to build an Android app which would need to store data on blockchain. Is it even possible with AppGyver, has anyone done this? Any suggestions you might have for me starting out?

You can try to use back4app. They have an integration for blackchain

Cool, thanks for your input @Bertrand_BZH.

Do I understand correctly, you suggest I create the backend with Back4App, and then plug it in via API with AppGyver? Or would Back4App be sufficient?


To answer your question:

Is it even possible with AppGyver?

Yes, absolutely is possible. I have seen apps that use to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, you can integrate any blockchain, if it has an API.

Thank you Kirill! I have checked out Infura, and it looks kind of complicated to me at this stage. Maybe it’s just first impression, as I’m non-technical. Also, it requires to pay gas price and I’d like to stay free for now.

Anyways, appreciate your suggestion! I might get back to it as I build.

it requires to pay gas price and I’d like to stay free for now

You can use testnet that does not involve any real transactions and thus - free.

As regards to the complications, it will definitely get easier as you learn the platform, especially REST API integrations.

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