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Trying to distribute to the Apple Store and have hit a hurdle…(managed to get it on to Google Play…anyway looking to do this should leave some time, as it is manageable but fiddly…there is a good youtube video for Google Play).

Anyway, Apple Store process require me to generate a CSR using an Apple Mac. I cannot see how everyone who goes through this process has an Apple Mac, so there must be a way to do this on Windows.

I have found a few links like the one below, but thought this is the best place to ask before I push on…it seems to me CSR is a common terms and people need to generate these for lots of reasons, so I want to make sure I am going to fulfil Apple’s requirements (thing with the link below is the extension on the windows file will be different so I assume Apple will reject it:

My Plan B is to get my hands on a Mac and generate the CSR and then just save to a USB and use on my PC to upload. Can someone confirm this will work?

Thanks all

Hi @Paul_Mc ,
how did you generate the CSR in the end? Did it work on Windows?

Some people use this: https://virtualmacosx.com/

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I never managed it using Windows and I would suggest not trying. There are a few threads on here, me trying to get help (e.g. IOS Build Fail - Help!) and I spent way too much time on it in hindsight. And no one was ever able to shed light so if it is not impossible, it is very hard.
Thing is, ultimately, you will need access to a mac because uploading to the App Store, the final step requires a transporter apple app, so I cannot see how you can avoid using a mac completely.

I probably spent a month trying to do this on Windows (not sure why, it was during covid and the local library with macs was closed…and I had lots of time on my hands!). I finally got an old mac from a friend that I didn’t realise had one, and it took 15 minutes!

I like figuring things out and really tried here…but never got there. And could understand you ignoring my advice and trying yourself, but again, save yourself some time and check out whether your library has a mac, or some friends or whoever…it aint worth the trouble. Or the virtual link like from John…I would have loved that 7 months ago!

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I forgot about this post…me asking for advice on this process before I tried it, which unfortunately no one could help with. So again, see my subsequent posts for how much trouble I had with this, and finally, no success…so don’t try it unless you are an IT guru who understands this stuff and has a very clear idea about why it would work!!!