Current Best Practice for Shared Development?

I understand that currently AppGyver is a single developer application with no direct support for collaboration.

If I follow the recommendation to “create a shared account” I assume that means to create a shared email account (outlook, gmail) and give the users that need access to the appgyver app the pw to that account.

I assume there’s a near term better plan than this? And is there a way to “transfer” an app in progress to another appgyver account and/or export and import the project?

Can you confirm or assuage my fear: That the only way to share an app is to create a new one (start over) with a shared email login? Is there any way to preserve or move work in progress to the account that has a shared email?

Dave Gerding


Yes, currently the best way is to share an account, as there’s no way to currently share the apps across several accounts, unfortunately.

We have plans to improve sharing apps, but I can’t promise about “near term”.

You can save a lot of the work if you copy paste over the contents of your pages – easiest is if you put all of the components in a page within one big container, select the container and ctrl/cmd + c and then ctrl/cmd + v in the new app. You would still have to reconfigure data resources, variables, navigation/auth and any logic that is not attached to components, but this would lessen the workload by a lot.

SAP BTP Provides a way to share the AppGyver project with other BTP Team members. This option allows multiple users to see and develop projects simultaneously.