Current item not showing


I am trying to get the current.subtotal to show on the list view.

I have tried various things to get it working but it still gives me the [object Object] error.

I have done the following by creating two number variables that are linked to current ie: current.price for pricetocalculatesubtotal and qtyinput to testthisoneforsub as per below:

And then I have done the following multiply formula:

And then it returns the following:

Please can you provide guidance.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, that seems strange. I think this could be related to one of the variables not being a number for some reason (thus resulting in an object when trying to multiply). Could you check if the subtotal formula works when you surround the variables with NUMBER()?

Hi, I tried this but now it is blank:

Hmm, that does seem like something might be off with the variables – if they were valid numbers, there should be a result. I would continue troubleshooting this by putting a few test paragraphs on the page and binding them to the variables and the MULTIPLY formula (outside of a repeat) to see what’s going on there. If that works and all paragraphs get correct values, there might be some issue related to the repeat.