Current user profile page

Hello everyone

I have lumbered with making a Staff Portal for the company I work for as I am the most technical minded but have no where near enough knowledge for this :grin:.

I currently have the app set up so that the company creates a user account with an email and password through Firebase, witch is fine as we need to control who creates an account. My issue it that I am struggling to create a page that the user then adds further profile info and that this information is displayed on a My Profile Page.

I have tried to follow some of the help docs but I carnt seam to get it right. Can anyone help or let me know where I can get step by step instructions?

Many Thanks

So you’re referring to something like an Account Settings page where their display name, location, a short bio, or other info can be edited, at which, upon hitting a Save button, it’ll automatically update on their profile page for that user?

I can’t speak for Firebase directly as we use Backendless for our backend, but this thread may give you some good starting points for a Firebase user – perhaps, the points on using the PATCH method to update fields? :thinking:

Thank you for the advice, I will give it a try.