Currently Repeated Property Value successfully binding for one Data Variable, but not another identical Data Variable

I connected two data sources–AppUsers and Activities–with identical settings. Both were able to set their schema from the responses successfully.

Within a page, I created two data variables–AppUsers and Activities–as a collection of data records from their respective data sources.

When I create a list that “repeats with” data variable AppUsers, I can bind an element to any AppUsers field via “currently repeated property value.”

But when I switch it to “repeat with” data variable Activities, I can only bind an element to the field “id”, even though that is not even in the data source schema. None of the fields from the schema are even options.

First day with AppGyver. I’ve compared the data source and data variable set ups in side-by-side windows and they are identical. What on earth might I be doing wrong?

Figured it out. I had configured both GET all and GET an individual record for AppUsers, but I had only configured GET all for Activities.

That was a bit painful to figure out :slight_smile:

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That’s a good point, the data variable types you don’t have routes configured for should be disabled, we’ll be sure to fix that!