Custom Authentication

Has anybody tried to create a simple custom authentication that simply checked if the username and password entered in the input field matched whats in a local schema for a successful login?

I’m trying to do this using on-device storage.

Some resources to check before you post:

AppGyver Academy: SAP AppGyver Quick-Start

Troubleshooting FAQ: SAP AppGyver FAQ

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Yes! I tried and tried to get the Appgyver built in username and password to work with a database but could not get it to work.

I just use local username for authentication. I didn’t use the password.

I have 2 companion apps. One is locked and requires a the correct user name to access. My locked app pushes data to an airtable that pushes data to the companion app.

Haven’t tried the built in authentication. Actually didn’t know there was one.

Thanks for your input.

@Chris_LeBreck I think the best way this could be done is to authenticate the username on the first page, then the password on the next for both username and password to work for authentication. The same Gmail does it.