Custom domain with Cloudfront working for anyone?

Hi - I’d like to use Cloudfront to access the app (so my users can access from my subdomain).

I get the following 403 error.

These are my Cloudfront settings, I’m passing everything through

Is this working for anyone? My backup strategy is to upload the files to s3, which should work, but hoping to make deployments easier. Thank you!

Hi, sorry this answer is super late, I had to ask around for more instructions about cloudfront since I haven’t used it myself :sweat_smile:

Check the following things:

  • TLSv1.2 is recommended, but we support down to TLSv1.1_2016
  • Viewer protocol policy should be HTTPS only
  • If you enable cache, it improves load times from around the world, but you need to then manually invalidate it every time you make a deploy
  • Your own domain goes to Alternate Domain Names field, then you need to configure an SSL certificate into AWS Certificate Manager for HTTPS to work.
  • Compress Objects Automatically is not enabled by default, good to enable it
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Thanks, it works after removing “Host” from the Headers whitelist. Much appreciated

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Why appgyver doesn’t support custom domain?
and how long the wait is?

HI @Byron , i dont yet have much knowledge on this, but im wondering,
By doing this you are able to just connect a custom domain, without changing the hosting from appgyvers server meaning that there is no need for an s3 bucket?
Also, when you make a new version of the app, (just making some changes in the editor and saving), do you have to make any other thing in order to make it live (from my understanding, because you havent made any changes in hosting (if you havent as i asked above), this works like a redirect to the appgyvers url).

Lastly, if you could make a simple step guide, it would be much appreciated, as there is no such guide available.
Thank you in advance