Custom Flow for creating records on different environments

i really miss the function to store data on a test or production environment (i am using firebase). My idea was to create some custom flows, which store on a PROD or TEST environment depending on a “debug” variable. But i struggle with getting the INPUT types which are needed for e.g. create a record. Is there any possibility to get the “schema” of data ressource and assign it as a “input” type?

2022-05-03 19_39_14-Window
whatever i try, i can not find a way to assign a “flow function input” for the record …

Hmm :thinking:

I’ve usually solved this with a case of part of the URL to the data record being a variable that I set from an app variable. Here’s my setup:

Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 13.55.26

So basically in this setup I save on login whether or not this is test or prod into this currentUser.env and then use that in the URL of the REST API connector to determine whether or not it gets from test or prod. This makes it easy because you can use all the same data variables and get record etc. flows, you just need to always pass the env variable and you’re golden. Perhaps something similar would work for you?

sorry, i did not see your answer. That looks like a good solution. I just use Firebase for my data. And for Firebase you only can setup ONE Connector… Do you have any idea how to setup multiple Environments with Firebase?

Ah. I’m afraid I haven’t come up with anything for Firebase as of yet – other than having separate tables for it I guess :sweat: