Custom nav bar, impossible to understand/create in a simple way, why?

Hi everyone,

Im using Appgyver for quite some time right now, i’m very used to the “limitations” or features designed inside Appgyver because of the ideia from the Appgyver team, but unfortunately sometimes those features get so simplified to the point that is no longer usable or goes to the opposite direction, becomes very difficult to use.

For exemple, the idea/concept behind the custom navbar:

I created a custom navilist equal to the default navlist:

default navigation list:

My custom navigation list:

after that I created a container, converted to a new component so it can be more organized and standardized in all my pages, inside the component i set some internal variables and properties and created a container with a text and an icon and set it to repeat with my custom navlist:

the logic in my mind is, when i click in the specific repeated container it goes to the page binded to the container’s info and page _id, the idea is simple but for some reason the logic flow for open page with the repeated page id was deprecated and now i can only use it with replace page flow function:

using the “open page” i can only bind it to the page directly but for some reason i cant use the page id inside the component:

So should i do? i have to set the page id to an internal property outside the component and bind the function inside the component? but im using repeated navlist so i cannot bind each flow to each page once i have only one container to edit, this new logic for custom nav bar is very confusing and difficult to use, i tried to search for posts here with some explanation or some workaround for my problem but nothing worked.

My other issue, now with the default nav bar, when i click to go to another page the indication in the nav bar changes to the page i selected, but if i set a container or a button to go to the same page it dont shows in the nav bar, i change page but the nav bar shows that i’m still on the previous page, with is that? I’m very confused with all this Appgyver logic, can someone help me?
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We’re planning on releasing an example component for custom navigation and that’d probably help with this, but in the meanwhile I’ll give you a peak into how that one does it.

Also, good catch that Open page and Replace page both complain about the deprecated binding – I’ll see if I can fix that myself or then file a bug ticket about it. However, at least the Replace page seems to still work despite the complaint.

The component we have made has an input property of the current page’s title, which it compares to the pages in the navigation list and then styles accordingly and reacts accordingly (the component uses conditional renderer to show a selected or not-selected version of the navigation item)

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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I’ll try to do the way you did,

Frankly this one is taking my sleep, but I’ll back in this “problem” next week, I’m changing somethings in the meantime.


Unfortunately i couldn’t make it work, for some reason i cannot access the page tittle like you can, i set a internal property “page_id” and set the type to page_id in the options but for some reason i can only bind this property to a static page_id outside the component, so I’m not able to make this comparison like you did with the tittle or the id, can you share all the screenshots with the internal properties, bindings or a video how you did it?