Custom Navigation Menu not working when Build-in navigation is disabled

Hi I have encountered a problem when it comes to the using a custom navigation menu.

I have created a navigation menu using rows and icons inside the row cells. Each icon has has a flow to go to a specified page.

When the Build-in navigation menu is enabled, the custom navigation menu also work. However when the build-in navigation menu is not disabled, my custom navigation menu doesn’t work.

Please assist. I even created a test app to see if my app was the problem but it seems to happen on the test app as well.

Did you set a page to function as your “base” page similar to the image below? See:

  • If you have an auth system enabled, you should make sure that the “base” page (pProfile for me) is the same as your “initial page” under the auth tab.

  • Also, if auth is enabled, double-check if those pages can be opened without auth required (or the opposite, if necessary):

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Yes, I did set my base page

I also do not have auth enabled and I have never enabled it.

Under the Advanced settings of each page I tested with “Allow page to be opened without authentication” active/inactive and I still can’t navigate on both instances.

PS: The custom navigation menu only works when the app is opened on web preview and doesn’t work on AG preview on mobile [SAP Build Apps]

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Have you tried disabling the navigation header bar, as seen in your first image? It’s been a while since I’ve specifically had to worry about the default header vs our custom sticky headers, but it was a bit of a pickle even two or three years ago. What I can is that the nav header bar is disabled in ours. Try that and check it in preview.

Nevermind. Brain fart there. Of course, you would have disabled the default header under testing use. If the problem is present in the mobile app preview, well, I hate to tell you, but I used it once about a year ago and it couldn’t even handle true-false visibility rendering. In other words, I’d strongly recommend sticking with the web preview on desktop.

For what it’s worth, you can simulate mobile-sized screens by:

A. Changing the overall browser dimension with the edge click-and-drag function.

B. Going into the Inspect panel and choosing one of the preset mobile dimension. (Right-click on Chrome and click “Inspect” at the bottom of the options list.)

I just disabled the header bar and still doesn’t work. This is really frustrating.

Yes, I guess I’ll have to stick with web preview. But from your experience since you have an app in production using custom navMenu, does this problem spill over to a build version or just an AG Preview issue since all works fine on web preview?

To be clear, we’re developing a web app to begin with, but we have support for mobile browsers as well. Generally speaking, the desktop web preview is just about 1:1 with the final build, so you should be fine. I wouldn’t trust the preview app on mobile in its current conditione to do the same.

Long story short, if the visibility works fine on desktop preview, it will very likely work fine in your final app.

That said, if you’re making a mobile app, you might want to check some of the recent threads. I hear mobile app compiling/builds seem to be having some problems too. Better to know first before investing the time, just in case.

I’m getting the same sentiments about the AG mobile preview as well, it has been giving a lot of issues lately but instead of relying on the web-preview output I’ve been building in work arounds. But I do I hope the features will work on a build version. I will create a preliminary build for the app and see if it works

I will definitely check them out.


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I created an android build and the custom navMenu works. The issue is the AG mobile preview.

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Do point out if you’re using the mobile app in future threads. That, mentioned in your first post, would’ve helped immensely in telling you that it wasn’t going to work. :wink:

But, with that solved, web preview should do fine and your final builds should be alright, too.

Happy apping!

@Odirile sounds like your problem is registered to a known bug in the tracker app. AG is working on a fix (since some time…)

My mistake. I’ll definitely specify that next time

Thanks for the link. I’ll keep following the ticket.

They need to solve this bug soon ‘cos developing with build in navMenu enabled when you’re not going to use it in production is frustrating.

Interesting thing about the broken Open Page/Replace Page functions is that they work for opening certain generic pages (Terms of Service, Support Center, etc.), but don’t work for pages with page params. I’m still testing this out, but it does open a blank white page before reloading the web app’s initial page. I’m not sure if that’s universal to everyone having this problem, or if there’s another issue in my scripting…

Scratch that. Just multiple conditional renderers making problems again. Has nothing to do with the Open Page issues – although more than one CR on a page does break page loading.