Custom Navigation

I have a general question on Custom Navigation (found under the Navigation tab). Is there any documentation or videos on how to use the list after it has been created?

Thanks in advance.


I got to admit i just noticed that :sweat_smile:

I have not found any details on that either. So for now I don’t think that has real functionality for Community version of Composer Pro. Maybe it is something for the paid plans, similarly like the translation variables. But these are just thoughts, not confirmed.

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yeah, after a quick search, i have come to the same conclusion

As for @Bruce_Cowan i guess the point of the question, is how to make your custom navigation and for that, the only way as of now, is to make it your own and then copy and paste it in all the pages.

The custom navigation is not yet documented, unfortunately! Sorry for the inconvenience, and we will definitely provide guidance on that once documentation gets a big update.

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ohh, so its usable ?

From what I notice this is not doing anything right now. You can create a list of Navigation buttons. But I didn’t dig much into it.

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Hi all,
After verifying with the team, I have to announce that the ‘Custom navigation’ is not yet fully operation. It went public as a pre-release to a big update and will be operation once we push other things further. I apologize if my comment appeared to be misleading in any way. All in all, stay tuned for some exciting news soon!

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