Custom react components


New to AppGyver here. I was wondering if custom react components can be added to Composer? Our web app needs a molecule editor that allows the user to draw some chemical compounds and export it to a datatable. I already have this component implemented though, just trying to see if there’s a way to integrate it with rest of the UI. Thanks for your help!

I think I found the answer to my question. Seems like this is still in progress? If so, can the Appgyver team give an estimated timeline?

Thank you very much!

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Hi! Our original plan was to get custom plugins in Q1/21, but as we have been running into complications and delays, it might be delayed as well. Nothing more exact at this moment, I’m afraid.

Hi Mevi - has there been any update on this? Seems like it would open a ton of doors for using Appgyver.

My current understanding is “by the end of the year” :slight_smile: