Custom Schema Key with Special Characters


I’m using the Airtable API and configured a custom schema for the POST request.

My problem is that one of the fields in Airtable is with special character: “Teléfono” other have spaces “Documento Tipo” and AppGyver doesn’t let me use that as an object key.
I don’t see an option to use a formula to use bracket notation or use it as a full string " ".
Any tip is highly appreciated.

Yeah I see there’s a quite restrictive validation on the key properties, which is quite hard to bypass right now. I guess you can always use the field even if its not in the schema through formula myObject.Teléfono or myObject["Teléfono"].

There shouldn’t be any technical reasons for not having an object key like this so I’ll investigate and see what we can do to loosen the validations.

I’ll try your suggestion.

Can you clarify this. As it’s not working for me.
If there is a space in the key field, you a suggesting we use [“Full Name”] in the formula. It odd because the auto generated schema appears correct, but if I try to create a custom schema with a property of Full Name, it doesn’t work.
Thanks again!