Custom webapp domain

Hello can someone give the steps exactly how to do this, i cant find it anywere.

setting up cloudflare that serves the ( deployment under your own domain/URL.

If the result is ( or ( its okay with me

Well, do I get it right? You have a custom domain (You own it, have it registered with a registrar) but do not have hosting service, that is You do not have a cPanel where You could upload Your web app. Right? is a subdomain, which also has a corresponding hosting and directory where the app is uploaded (or deployed).

What You seem to try to achieve is to deploy the app here and then allow users to access it via Your custom domain.

Well, the only way to make this work (as far as my current knowledge) is to create a “permanent link forwarding” website rule in Cloudflare. This is done under the “page rules” section of Your Cloudflare dashboard of the website.

However, note that Your users will be directed to the domain after clicking

So the best (and maybe cheapest) way of deploying a web app to a custom domain is to use Google Cloud Platform - Cloud storage bucket and Cloudflare + a fairly cheap domain provider (or Google Domains for better performance).

This reply is not meant to be a full guide, but the major steps would be as follows:

  1. Register a domain with a domain provider (Google Domains, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or some local providers for Your region)
  2. Create a Cloudflare account and connect the domain to Your Cloudflare account. (This requires setting custom DNS nameservers, which might also sound overhauling, but Your domain provider should have guides on how it is done with them.)
  3. Create a Google Cloud Platform account and set up a project (Google has awesome guides about that).
  4. Set up a cloud storage bucket with public access and upload the web app that You downloaded (from Appgyver distribute website) and “extracted” on Your device.
  5. Add new DNS records in Clohdflare that point to ‘’ domain.
  6. Create new page rules that drive traffic from requests to

That should be it. You should have a web app running on super fast hosting, with secure connection. Maintenance costs are for a quite significant traffic are still basically only the domain costs.


thanks lot for your respanse cause i was confused that appgyver dont have DNS records anywere and i see pepoles here talking about it so i was thinking i missed somthing but you cleared that up.
so you have to put your build outside were they accepte custom domain .
right now im trying to do firebase hosting it seems easy to do and acceptre custom domain and my website is not that big.

you just need to installe nodejs from and follow the instraction in firebase hosting then creat folder called public and you just need to update that folder and do the deploy commande each time you want to update your website , ther is a lot of videos about that in youtube . hope that help some pepoles.