Customize Appgyver navigation

Appgyver offers a great standard navigation right from the start. And the colors can be adapted to your design.

However, does your app require a bottom navigation with your own icons, changing labels, different fonts, size, or having no bottom navigation on a detail page? In the second video we do all that.

And the header. Yes, place your logo in the header and enjoy a build in header navigation for detail pages. Video 3 shows the robes.


In the second video, the navigation tab disappears and reappears on page transition which is different than the default navigation tab behaviour. Is there a way to avoid that?

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The header and navbar are ‘regular’ page components. They do whatever the page transition animation does. And apparently that can’t be changed (yet).

A workaround would be to design your app on a single page. Then your ‘pages’ are multiple Scrollview containers. You use the navbar to control the visibility of these Scrollview containers instead of switching between pages. You could even apply the ‘Animate component’ flow function to animate the Scrollview entry only.

@Joerg_Refeld Thanks for this! I’m having one issue though: All my pages are opening as modals from the bottom up. Even if use other links in my pages (like buttons) to go to another page, that page still opens from the bottom up. I re-enabled navigation bar and then pages no longer open as modals and open as normal. Your custom nav opens pages normally when navigation is enabled (but then I have 2 nav bars at the bottom ha). When I disable navigation again, all pages start opening like modals again. I see in your video this isn’t happening. What do you think?

Answered this here, TL;DR: it’s a bug.