Customizing global menu and top bar

On the intro video on your homepage, VOIMA app has a different layout for the web and app. The web has a top and side menu.

The global menu goes to the side on a web view and folds into a hamburger menu when resized to mobile resolution. I’m wondering if you can customize the look and feel of the global menu on the web view.

The top bar shows up only in preview. Is there a way to add an icon or a menu on the top bar to have better control in design. If I could remove the top bar on the main page, the app may look much nicer. I see VOIMA mobile app design has no top bar in the video.

New advanced navigation configuration is in the works currently and will tackle this issue:

Stay tuned!

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@Harri_Sarsa - I am also looking at this feature in Mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Could you please let us know the ETA of this feature. Thanks

This should be coming for beta users in 1-2 weeks, and soon after to everyone else!