D3.js/Google Chart market component tap event

I installed the example component and it is working.

How can I open a page when clicking anywhere on the chart?
I disabled enableInteractivity: false chart option.
Event/Component tap does nothing.

const options = {
  chartArea: {
    width: 160, 
    height: 160
  pieHole: 0.4,
  backgroundColor: '#4a85a0',
  backgroundColor: {
  	fill: '#4a85a0',
    strokeWidth: 0
  colors: ['green', 'red'],
  fontSize: 14,
  enableInteractivity: false,
  legend: 'none'

Solved it. Put the chart inside a container and used the container tap event to open a new page.

is too simple a method. What if you want to open 2 different pages? for example, the red chart (40%) - opens one page. The green chart (60%) opens another page with different data?

I don’t know how to pass Google charts click event handlers back to AppGyver.