Data adapter configuration


I am using collapsible grouped icon list and I have create data resources through REST API direct integration resource. I have few of them (around 20) but when I try to configure the collapsible grouped icon list I can’t find the right one. The list of data adapter configuration is showing only 12 of them and I don’t find the one I want.

The truth is that its a bit complecated, but if you want you can create your own collapsible feature, following the idea in this video

What I need is the functionality of the collapsible grouped icon list to be able to expand some container or hide them

Hi @mrbt this UI issue will get addressed by an upcoming update to the data adapter configuration screen!

Do you have an ETA for this please?

Hi @mrbt, I unfortunately can’t provide an exact date, but it should be out this week.

Great new thank you!!!

Is this out yet ? I can’t seem to find any documentation on data adapter configuration

Please, please, please … use the resources available and then reference what you need clarification on.

Before posting in the forum its assumed that documentation has been checked - or at least an attempt made - and that searches have been done on the forum.

Youtube is not where information is published. Neither is Reddit.