Data Base On-device Storage

I want to build an app with out any external data base, so when user opens my app he will see list of diseases with descriptions etc. But I can not find a way to put my data on-device storage or any other way to do this correctly. Do u have any idea how to do this?
I would be grateful for help :slight_smile:

You can store data on the device by going to the DATA tab, click + Add Data Resource and On-Device Storage.

I know how to store user’s input in on-device storage data recource, but is there a way to put data there, so every user will have exact same data (for example exact same list of countries)

I have never done but that’s how I’ll get there.
You created a data on the phone, on the page where the data should be used, you call the data variables. In the logic panel, Click on Set Data Variable and Record Collection List Value. Put the data one by one. It may be long …

Okay, but u are talking about user input (correct me if I am wrong), a situation, in which unique user makes data records only for his own usage. I am wondering about a way to put data base on-storage device in a way that every user will have (for example) same list of diseases. Something like initial value for smth like 30 records

This is not a user entry. What I explained above: it’s a method for writing the data you want directly. No data base directly in the code.