Data Binding from Client Data to Page Variable

I am unable to bind data variables to page variables–I built a trial app to try and solve the problem. The purpose is to store the last value that a user selected from a Dropdown Field.

A Dropdown Field’s parameters are bound each to two different TEXT page variables and dynamic data is manually populated in the Dropdown Field {“one”, “1”; “two”, “2”; “three”, “3”}. I have created a Client-Side Storage DB to store the data. Upon pressing a button a record is created using a manual entered ID of “1” in the flow function. This works.

When I retrieve the record and (attempt) to bind it to the same two Page Variables. I am unable to bind the DB data to the Page Variables in the function. I get the error “The type “list of objects with 3 properties” is not assignable to the type “text””. I can force it using a formula but I would rather not.

Both fields in the DB are TEXT and the data variable is set to COLLECTION OF DATA RECORDS.

First, is this the right approach; second, why won’t it bind; and third, can the data variable be bound directly to the Dropdown Field?


So, no one knows?

I expect the answer is “you can’t do it” because it was not envisioned when we built it out; however, the interface and functions look like they should work.

For anyone reading this in the future, you must brute force it by using a formula to set the page variable for every one.

eg: LOOKUP(FIND_BY_KEY(data.variable1, “field to find”, “value/string in field to find”), “heading of field to return”)