Data Component UpdateRecord() Is Deleting Firebase Document Fields

I have a data component that is supposed to be able to update the connected data resource. When I call updateRecord() I only map a single item to the data resource even though the data resource has a bunch of items. I do this because my data adapter only has a single item because that is the only item I want the data component to be aware of. Here is the mapping used in the updateRecord() call.

I have verified that this data is good. I can access it and see it just fine in several different ways.

Here is the data adapter configuration on the data component.

Frustratingly, I had this all working as intended before I decided to wrap all of the logic in a data component for reuse. It seems that updateRecord() behaves different in this context. Where as the use of this logic in a page would overwrite/add a single field to my firebase document, this same logic simply deletes all of the field in my document when used in this data component context.

I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.