Data Configurator - Text Property - Allowed Values

Sorry for such a newbie question. I’m testing out the ‘free’ version so maybe this isn’t possible here.
I’m using a Client-Side storage Data Resource and I’ve set up what appears to be my first “table”. I’ve added a Text property and I see something called “Allowed values”… so this makes me think I can do something like string matching/input masking here. For example, I’d like to store 5 digits only. They can start with a 0. Is this where I would specify a regex string or something?

Or am I going about this too “programmatically” and in reality, what I want to do is use an action on the “submit” button to do the data validation for me? *(I haven’t looked that far / gotten that far in my testing yet… )

Thanks in advance!

The “Allowed values” option and others alongside it configures the schema of the input – it simply tells the editor what is expected there. Specifically, it allows you to configure a list of allowed values, e.g. fruit might have allowed values pineapple, banana, lemon. Then, if you use that field in e.g. a formula, Composer might give you a warning that apple is not one of the allowed values.

To do runtime validation, you’d check the data when you click on the submit button (or make the input field itself (or some component alongside it) react to the invalid value, with e.g. LENGTH(data.shortNumber) <= 5 would return true for numbers with 0-5 digits and falsefor 5+.

thank you! that makes sense!