Data fetching error in preview app?

The App worked fine last night, but this morning it fails to fetch data from Airtable. I checked the fetching of data in the Data Resource section and it was fine. However, when I tried to fetch data from Airtable with Get Record Collection,it fails to fetch any data. Can you please see if this is an issue on your back-end

I also tried it in Web Preview, This time it was fine. So, there is something is wrong with the iOS preview app in fetching data.

In Web Preview, I noticed that the Image component is faulty. It seems that the communication via HTTP is not working well in general.

I also duplicated this problem with HTTP Get. The SAP Preview App receives no records and the Web preview app receives records from the Get API call. Please help!

I found the problem was my convoluted data logic. I corrected them and it works now. Sorry!