Data is not saved or not shown in the list

I am following the sample app but strangely it’s not working to save employees into the list. When I click on the button, input data is not displayed in the list or I do not get the dialogue message (toast). What could be the reasons, any clue?

I don’t’ know if there is any other better way but attached below some screen-shot.

Here is the step by step process that I followed and that worked!

  1. Data resources
  2. Variables
  • Data variable (Collection all records)
  • Page variable (for user input fields)
  1. Add List Component for the display of the collection items. Checkbox component used in this example. Use repeat with the property of the Resource ID and select – Data Variable value
  2. Bind the input fields with the Value from Page Variables
  3. Add Button. Add logic
  • Select button >> click add logic to >> Drag-n-drop “create record” logic >> select the logic and then update properties/Bind
  • Create record logic: Bind the field Lable with Page variable.
  1. Bind List Component with currently repeated property value

Note that the emulator in IOS did not work to display the entered items. I used my smartPhone directly.

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