Data Not Populating using Air Table

I have less than two hundred records on an air table db. I have successful test or GET and have set Schema. When I create a list item to display my data, it works when I launch the web app, but when I use my I phone the list never populates. I hope I’m just making some rookie mistake. Thanks in advance for your help and wonderful product.

Does the Get record collection node give an error? Anything in debugger if you connect your phone to it?

This is what I show in Debug. I’m still confused that the actual data is populating in the app, and in the preview area. image . I’m sure i’ve missed some step binding something.

Thanks again.

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That’s very strange. Can you share your app ID so we could take a look and see what might be wrong? Clearly the fetching is not successful in the mobile app, as the debugger is giving 404…

If you select the Flows tab and expand the Get record collection node, you can see the inputs and outputs for it – is there any difference between web and mobile?

Sadly I’ve been doing most of this at work and the firewall seems to prevent debug. However I have managed to get my apps working and populating the list on my tablet and phone now. Per your request the app ID is Also if you prefer I can start another post, but I’m having great difficulty making the search work. I’ve set page 5 as a test page so I don’t break any other pages that are doing what I want. I have two desires to make this app quite useful at my job. 1. Being able to search by typing in a tire size. ex: 195/60, and have a much shorter list of tires who’s size starts with that. 2. I’d like to sort the results by the field “sea” from lowest to highest. Thanks for this great product and all your help.

I wrote a searchable list tutorial just now at – check it out!

Also wrote a guide on data variables:

You can also use the ORDER formula function:

If you create a View in AirTable that’s sorted correctly, you can then use the view query parameter to get the data sorted according to their order in the view.

Alternatively, you should be able to use the sort query parameter directly too, passing in the value [{field: "sea", direction: "desc"}]. Didn’t try these out, just looked at the AirTable API docs.

Thanks! The search is now working. I think it was working before, sadly my data is really messed up. Tire sized published by Honda America are all over the map with no standardized convention for the size. Some have () in them so have a P in them so no clear way to search the size. I’ve created a work around by adding a new column to my airtable and adding all the sizes in one format.

Do you have documentation on populating a dropdown list with data from a data source, and then having the selected item from the dropdown become the search variable?

Thanks again for your help.

Added a new section for the dropdown filter!